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At Phillips 66, our Refining segment transforms crude oil into petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel. Refining has world-wide operations and numerous world-class projects being imagined, constructed, and developed at various sites. Being one of the largest refiners globally, we believe in fostering an environment where our employees are contributing team members valued for their individual perspectives and skill sets who embody Phillips 66 values, ultimately working for the greater good of the company.

Advance Your Career with Our Opportunities

Working in Refining can look different depending on your experience and our individual refinery offerings. You can follow a technical career path to a management position at a refinery, or secure a position at one of our corporate locations. To continue and ensure future success, we need industry experts in Engineering, Health and Safety, Environmental, Operations, Maintenance, and more. We offer exceptional training programs, benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.

To thrive in a refining environment, you must have a strong awareness and understanding of operating safely and the ability to adapt and take initiative. Strong interpersonal skills are also vital in order to create an open, trusting environment where strategic projects are completed and everyone goes home safely each day.

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