We were born on the American Road, the birthplace of possibility. What began as an oil company somewhere along the way became much more. To this day, when people see that sign in the distance, it means something. A company that looks beyond limits and barriers, discovering new possibilities.

Our Vision

Providing Energy. Improving Lives.

Our employees, suppliers and partners share this vision to provide energy in ways that improve lives. Our hard work, and teamwork, keeps energy flowing. We do the work that makes the world work.

Our Values

Safety. We protect each other, our environment and our communities.

Honor. We stand behind our word and you can count on us to do the right thing, always.

Commitment. We are inspired to achieve the highest levels of performance in everything we do.

Our values are our foundation — our guiding principles for how we conduct our business every day.

Our Energy In Action

Our Energy in Action is the set of expectations of every employee at every level that preserve what makes us great and challenges us to evolve in ways that make us better and keep us competitive. Part of our everyday practices, Our Energy in Action is how we treat each other, our customers and our communities. In our search for top talent, we seek individuals who embody these behaviors.

Work for
the greater

Create an
of trust.